Jon Swinney and Dame Goddard's inquiry

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Jon Swinney and Dame Goddard's inquiry

Post  willowthewisp on Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:58 am

A number of Scottish people have resigned from the Investigation on child abuse allegations,related to the areas in Scotland possibly connected to a large group of abusers and the Inquiry in UK by Dame Lowell Goddard?  Mr Swinney has took an ever closer Political interest into the allegations in Scotland and was in the process of sacking people from the process of the investigation, for apparently making comments on elements of the Inquiry to the public,so much for "Free Speech" eh Mr Swinney, what are you very afraid of Mr Swinney, the Truth?
Mr Swinney is reported to be concerned over the costs of the Inquiry under a Law from 2005 in relation to who gathers the "Evidence from the witness",he takes umbridge that a QC, wishes to take the statements and he states they are not required to take the statements and other professionals could undertake that part cutting costs from the budget,so Mr Swinney is more concerned for the costs of the Inquiry?


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