We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

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We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  Bishop Brennan on Fri 29 Apr - 4:43

Another article in the Star today - this time with a slightly different tone and subject matter. The story revolves around the 'error' made by the Portuguese authorities because they fell for the line that Brits regularly leave their toddlers alone while they go off eating and drinking.  And that they could have been jailed for it.  


At the end, CM reiterates the "well within the bounds of respectable (sic) parenting" line which sounds even more hollow and delusional today.

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Re: We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  Get'emGonçalo on Fri 29 Apr - 7:42

Is it me, or do I detect a change in the wind here . . . ?


MADELEINE McCann’s parents escaped prosecution for leaving her in their holiday flat because of “compassion” from prosecutors.

Portuguese law chiefs also thought Brits had “peculiar customs” which allowed them to dine and drink without their children.

The revelations came from Rui Pereira, who was Portugal’s minister of internal affairs – the equivalent of the UK’s Home Secretary.

He told a Portuguese TV show it was an error not to make GP mum Kate, 48, and heart doctor dad Gerry, 47, suspects – or arguidos – for “abandonment”.

They left Madeleine, three, and her younger twin siblings in the apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz while they dined with pals in a nearby tapas bar on May 3, 2007.

Madeleine vanished that night and has not been seen since.

Mr Pereira told Portuguese channel CMTV: “The error was not constituting the parents as arguidos for the crime of abandonment.

"At the beginning there was an extraordinary and ridiculous theory that said the English have very peculiar cultural customs.
Mr Pereira revealed a charge was given some thought at the time. But he claimed the Portuguese authorities had an inferiority complex regarding foreigners.
“And therefore it was natural for them to leave the two-year-old twin siblings and the other three-year-old child alone in a bedroom for the parents to go out a few hundred metres away to socialise with their friends.’’

They believed the English “truly have very specific cultural customs and it was natural to dine and drink”. There was also “compassion” from the investigators towards the parents.

Former police inspector Moita Flores, below, told the TV show he believed the couple would have been accused of abandonment if they had been Portuguese.

He said: “Have no doubts. If this had involved a Portuguese child our public ministry would have immediately set off measures which are in place to protect children.

“In our culture this kind of behaviour would have not been tolerated as reasonable. I am not even sure it is tolerated under Anglo-Saxon cultural values.’’

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, are aware they could have been jailed if found guilty of abandonment.

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Re: We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  melisande on Fri 29 Apr - 7:56

I can't believe what i have just read there. Are the McCann's pr getting this out into the media first because of Goncalo Amaral's book? I can only think that's the reason.

Edit : After reading it again I am actually wondering if it is a free for all now with the press and nothing to do with getting it out first before people get their hands on the book.


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Re: We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  plebgate on Fri 29 Apr - 9:05

I thought I read in the translation of Rocky's interview that he said the apartment could not be seen  from any angle.  ISTBC.   I can't see that comment in the article.


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Re: We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  MayMuse on Fri 29 Apr - 10:12

Never ever have I heard of the English culture being 'natural' to leave vulnerable babies alone when dining out, not at 3 meters let alone when the 'crow flies' at 70 meters?!?! 



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Re: We didn’t charge parents out of compassion

Post  Patience on Fri 29 Apr - 12:26

The Daily Mail now printing the same story.

I cannot post link as I'm a new member.

Edited to add: Is it true that had the McCanns been charged with abandoning Madeleine, if further evidence came to light pointing to a more serious crime, then the Portuguese would not have been able to prosecute them?


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