Maxwellisation of public right to know?

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Maxwellisation of public right to know?

Post by willowthewisp on Sat 31 Oct - 14:10

Quite recently information on public inquiries has been in the headlines and the length of time they have taken?
Operation (whitewash) Grange four and a half+ years now scaled back on officers?
Chilcot over 6 yrs.
Jill Dando, murder 16 yrs
Stephen Lawrence murder, partial justice, but MPS officers under cover covert secret family intrusions on the Lawrence family? 
Hillsborough cover up 26 yrs
Daniel Morgan, unsolved murder 28 yrs?
The one common denominator is the demise of the persons involved in these massive cover ups which the UK state/establishment demand that, at best, redacted parts to be officially kept from the public?
The Term "Maxwellisation" is thought to have been determined as to the length of time taken to reveal the shenanigans over the late Robert Maxwell demise and his empire that collapsed after defrauding his employees of their pension funds accounts.
Remember what Gerry said, "Confusion is good"?
Will the public ever see justice for the above criminal Aacts and take note of who investigated these acts barring Chilcot?


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