The suitcase picture?

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The suitcase picture?

Post by worriedmum on Fri 7 Aug - 10:43

The date is 5th May, the two men are carrying items just removed from apartment 5A. They are the father, and to his left, the driver who works for the UK holiday company.  image 03006107

With thanks to Blacksmith Bureau's link to 'Alive when Taken' article in Daily Mirror
[color:6eaa=000000], ''...Gerry and Kate McCann, both 38, of Rothley, Leics, are staying two doors down from the apartment that Maddy was taken from between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday.

Yesterday Gerry went into the apartment and emerged carrying a suitcase and a bucket and spade for younger twins Amelie and Sean,[color:6eaa=000000]''


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Maybe Mayhew...?

Post by missbeetle on Fri 7 Aug - 11:15

The 'holiday company driver' looks like Mark Warner's Craig Mayhew.

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