Hawaii Five O - DCI Nicola Wall

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Hawaii Five O - DCI Nicola Wall

Post  willowthewisp on Sun 12 Jul - 11:58

I wonder if DCI Nicola Wall and Alison Saunders are going on a jaunt to Portugal with some special advisers?

"I nick erm before they know they're nicked eh Nicola" Operation Grange remit- Abduction, eh Andy Redwood creche dad elimination UK Crime Watch!?
After watching the video from TB's post, the Pink ones sphincter must be twitching, as he is in this from the start, as the various videos have captured his performances, this guy must be due an Oscar award?
Justine soon abandoned ship early on, but had trouble obtaining the Money owed to her for her work on the Madeline McCann case, it was quite a sum of money owed to her, CM was on £70,000 per annum?


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