European Union to track every web search?

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European Union to track every web search?

Post by Tony Bennett on Wed 9 Jun - 7:42

[JY] Europe may store every web searchWednesday, 9 June, 2010 7:25
From: "JY Distribution"

Europe may store every web search

A private initiative in the European Parliament, ‘Written Declaration
29', puts search privacy in peril by proposing to extend the European
Data Retention Directive, already in place. The initiative, spanning
several political parties, is proposed by Titziano Motti (Italy) and
Anna Zaborska (Slovakia). The two are fighting to stop child
pornography and online sexual harassment of children — a noble cause.
Their means, however, are dubious, as they entail an intrusion into
every citizen’s privacy.

The two Parliament members want to extend the European Data Retention
Directive to include search engine data in order that the police may
take swift action to stop child pornography online. Earlier this week,
they declared that they have secured 325 votes already and are only 45
votes away from securing a vote in their favor.

Opponents claim that surveillance should not be the answer to most
political problems and hold that there is no evidence that the
suggested extension of the Data Retention directory would be effective
in trapping paedophiles.

Posted on Tuesday 8 June 2010

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