The Elizabeth Morgan Story...

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The Elizabeth Morgan Story...

Post by missbeetle on Tue 12 Aug - 11:24

An interesting story from the LA Weekly, dated 5th February 2009.

(I'm sorry, I still can't do links)

It was looking at the charity PACT that reminded me of this case.

I remember when this first kicked off over here, and always wondered what had happened to the little girl.

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Re: The Elizabeth Morgan Story...

Post by Guest on Tue 12 Aug - 11:36

I was thinking about this case only recently but couldn't remember the names of those involved.

There isn't as far as I can see on a quick read through anything about the elder daughter (different mother) whom their father was also accused of molesting.

Does anyone know anything about her now?

When I first heard of this case some 20 years ago, I believed that Hilary's mother was telling the truth. I am not nearly so sure about that now.


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